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Deck Boat
24 ft. Rated for 13 people, 150 hp
Yamaha - 180.00 half day -250.00
full day - 1000 per week Club 
Everglades Island spec. rate $900

Pontoon Boat
24 ft, 22 ft & 20 ft.. rated for 10 people-
 90 hp.- 150 half day - 210 full day, 900 weekly, Club Everglades Island  special price 800 week. 

Flat Bottom Skiff
 50 hp, Rated for 8 people. 125 half day-
160 full day - 750 week - Club Everglades
Island Price 650 weekly.

Flat Bottom Skiff


Deck Boat

Pontoon Boat

Flat bottom J
(see below)
16 rated for 5 people, 30 hp. 150 for the first day and 100 for each day after or 650 weekly.

Flat Bottom J


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